Our Work

For young people, around the world, the step from high school to tertiary education and then again into professional opportunities is intimidating, with multiple barriers to overcome, like hurdles in a "race". For talented low-income youth, these hurdles are more numerous and much higher. All too often, they are unaware of "pathways" open to them and/or they stumble at the first hurdle due to absence of information, exposure, networks, and "life" skills. This significant inequality results in an suboptimal outcome: for the individual, for society and for the economy.

Barriers range from lack of exposure to different careers to poor internet connectivity. From language skills to critical thinking. From work readiness to communicating about the self. Through focusing on widening access, the Initiative seeks to deliver scale impact, increasing social mobility and tackling the barriers of exposure, aspirations, information and skills.


The Karta Initiative runs an Access Programme for low income talent, primarily from rural India, in partnership with Tata Trusts. The programme develops skills critical for success, and broadens exposure to a wide array of tertiary and post-education opportunities, supporting talent to make informed decisions on their future. We aim to amplify early success to achieve scale-impact with a unique Catalyst Scholarship Fund and an e-Access Platform, underpinned by rigorous Impact Measurement and a Give-Back Model. Our vision is to support and empower brilliant young people from low-income backgrounds, transforming their futures, making the unimaginable a reality, creating aspirational lodestars, and achieving a ripple effect on their entire school communities.

The Karta Initiative India Foundation is incorporated in India as a non-profit Section 8 U74999MH2017NPL294715


The Initiative is working with a diverse set of collaborators, partners and stakeholders to breakdown barriers and improve social justice from many different angles. The Initiative is undertaking research in collaboration with Professor Orazio Attanasio and Professor Michela Tincani at UCL’s Department of Economics. “Researching and improving social mobility through access to excellent higher education is critical. The Karta Initiative’s work will address wastage of talent due to lack of opportunity and ultimately help drive sustainable growth and development in such countries”