Our work

Talent is everywhere. Opportunity is not.

We employ a human-finance-tech impact model, using on-the-ground skills-building programmes, e-learning technology and scholarship funds to unlock the transformative power of the bottom billion’s youth.

Currently, we work with students in rural India, with the view to expand our geographical reach in the future.

Note : We request that you do not contact any of the students represented in this video

Skills & Employability

Building core skills and optimising post-secondary choices for Karta Members (15-17 years old) through on-the-ground programmatic work.

e-Access Platform

Providing thousands of young people with online resources to enhance skills, provide career and pathway exposure and open up access to educational and professional opportunity.

Catalyst Scholar Community & Catalyst Fund

Enabling Catalyst Scholars to undertake world-class undergraduate study.


Partnering with world leading research institutions to ensure effective interventions.

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