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Are you passionate about social mobility?  Do you prioritise workload and deliver using initiative? We are seeking energetic optimists to join our small, but mighty, organisation. If you’re nodding in noisy agreement, then we want to hear from you. 

At our inclusive, fast-growing non-profit, you – your attitude and excellence – are the sole constraint to growth, impact and scope of work.

Digital Publishing for Social Impact

Location: Oxford, UK.

You will be a key member of the team developing a ground-breaking digital product (‘platform’) to help us achieve scale in the delivery of our mission. You will play a pivotal role in developing this platform to ensure delivery of inspirational content with captivating design and user analytics to some of the poorest youth in India. This is a high-impact product with complex UX considerations (e.g. digital literacy, connectivity, time paucity), ongoing iteration, feedback and user testing, anchored by staff members in India.

Finance and Administration

Location: Oxford, UK.

We are seeking a highly-organised, energetic optimist for a vital flexible hours role in a small, busy team, to provide administrative and financial support to the Board of Trustees.  You will work across all teams, acting as a coordinating interface for the deployment of the Initiative’s resources (people and finance). You will support the organisation in managing usage of resources, establishing nimble processes, and building external relationships to contribute resources to the Initiative.


Please contact with your CV and up to 100 words outlining your interest in our “Finance & Administration role” or “Digital Publishing for Social Impact role”. 

We will respond within 24 hours. 


Join the growing group of institutions and individuals generously dedicating knowledge, experience, and skills, pro-bono to help the Karta Initiative grow. Could you help? Get involved!


For more information please email us at

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