Karta Connect

Karta Connect is a digital tool for delivering skills, career exposure and opportunities.

Building on our on-the-ground programmatic work, this e-platform delivers across five learning verticals: digital literacy, English language, communication skills, critical thinking, career and pathway awareness. Karta Connect also connects students to diverse opportunities, from work experience to employment.

Filling the gap

Our highly tailored learning verticals,
partnerships and give-back model allows
Karta Connect to occupy a distinct place in
the landscape of online education.


User driven

Our development strategy ensures that
target users are at the heart of the creative

Student feedback drives design,
ensuring that content is relevant,
engaging and informed by user needs.

Grounded in data

Regular testing rounds not only generate
student feedback but also provide
insights into our user demographics, and
enable impact assessment.

Data is critically evaluated and used to
inform development decisions, with a
focus on outcomes rather than outputs.


We work with individuals, corporations
and NGOs across multiple sectors.

Through partnerships, we are
strengthening our development strategy,
expanding our understanding of the
sector and building site content.


For now, our country focus is India.
However, our long term goal is
to expand globally.

As we develop Karta Connect in the
Indian context, we are making conscious
efforts to enable adaptability and
scalability in the future.

Students using the prototype e-Platform, 2019

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