Catalyst Fund

The Catalyst Fund enables rural youth from impoverished backgrounds in India achieve the unimaginable: undergraduate study at world leading institutions.

Through their example and actions, these students are transforming whole community aspirations and outcomes.

Karta is now inviting contributions to the Catalyst Fund from individuals/organisations committed to global social mobility.

Karta Scholor-elect

About me

I come from a small village in rural Karnataka, in the southern part of India.

When I was twelve years old, my father died of a brain tumour. After my father’s death, my mother, my youngest sister and I were abandoned by my father’s family and forced to leave the family home. My mother had to find a job to make ends meet and now she stitches bags to support my sister and I, earning only RS 1800 a month.

Why Biochemistry?

Losing my father has sparked in me a desire to contribute to the treatment of such tumours. By learning to examine biological structures at a molecular level, I hope to one day develop affordable treatments for diseases afflicting the common person in poverty.

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Karta Catalyst Scholars

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