About Karta

In 2016, the Karta Initiative was established to enhance educational and professional outcomes for high-potential students from rural, low-income backgrounds.

In just two years, our work has reached students across multiple states including Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. 

Phenomenal success of these students has catalysed multi-year financial and non-financial partnerships with world leading universities, corporates, non-profits, start-ups and individuals, creating a diverse community of collaborators.

Alongside this, we have strengthened scholarship management and expanded support across multiple stages of schooling.

Leveraging learnings from our access programme, we are now laying the foundations for sustainable, scale impact through our e-learning platform, Karta Connect.

Karta Connect will provide thousands of underserved youth with tailored digital resources designed to enhance skills, provide career and pathway exposure and open up access to educational and professional opportunity. After a successful prototype, the platform is entering product phase and is being tested regularly in schools.

To learn more about our story, please read our Karta Review here.

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